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Waxing Services

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||Waxing Services
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Waxing Services

Brow $15
Lip or Chin $12
Jawline $18
Full Face (Exclude brow, chin or lip) $50
Side Burn $18
Underarm $20
Full Arm $35
Back or Chest $55
Stomach $25
Bikini $25
Brazilian $75 & up
Full Leg $50
Full Leg with Bikini $70
Half Leg $40
Half Leg with Bikini $60

*Please be advised that in order to perform a thorough waxing service, the hair growth should be at least 1/4th of an inch in length. We regret we cannot perform any waxing procedure for those taking medications that thin the skin such as Retin- A, Acutane, or antibiotics. For their own safety clients must refrain from using these types of medications for at least six (6) full weeks before waxing can be performed.